Thursday, August 5, 2010

HEATKEEPER Energy Saving Radiator Panels are a revolutionary radiator reflector panel that will help you improve the efficiency of your radiators and help you save money
Heatkeepers radiator insulation panels work like a mirror. They are thin profiled reflective sheets that reflect infra-red heat back into the radiator thus preventing heat loss into the wall.

HEATKEEPER Energy Saving Radiator Panel (more info) also works by causes the warm air to spin out into the room, reducing the time it takes to heat up the room and virtually eliminating cold spots. It also reflects the radiant heat back to the radiator so the water circulating in the radiator returns to your boiler hotter. So your boiler fires up less frequently saving you energy and fuel cost.
Estimates suggest that as much as 70% of the heat produced by radiators is lost into the walls. HEATKEEPER Energy Saving Radiator Panels significantly reduce this heat loss through external walls.
HEATKEEPER Energy Saving Radiator Panels are easy to fit and come supplied with full, easy-to-follow fitting instructions and self-adhesive, double-sided tape. Within the UK, Heatkeeper radiator panels have been purchased at least 5 National Government Organisations, they are used by than 44 Local Government Councils, Over 10 Universities and other educational establishments, More than 14 major Commercial & Industrial Enterprises, Over 17 Hospitals and Trusts, Numerous Housing Associations and More than 500,000 individual households

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